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WeMo Support Page

The lab has a WeMo Insight connected to the main power feeding the station's radios. To add an additional controlling device, connect the device using WiFi to the ELW PH Lan and open the WeMo app. The app will find the WeMo and it will now appear on your device list. In the app's settings, remote access must be enabled in order to control it from home. This is detailed in the WeMo support page located here.

Two TP-Link WiFi switches were installed on the ICOM 500W amplifier and Eric's PC. The amplifier is able to be remotely enabled or disabled by leaving the front power switch in the on position, and cutting AC power to the amp's power supply. The PC can also be hard power cycled using the WiFi switch attached to it. The PC will automatically reboot when AC power is ever lost and re-applied.