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A VPN to allow remote login into the ELW PH Lan was created. The VPN server runs on the Lab's Netgear R7000 router as it supports OpenVPN (using certificates for authentication) and has a 1.2Ghz dual core processor with acceleration for these types of encryption loads.


In order to bypass UVic's filtering of UDP packets, the VPN was configured to use TCP. This adds extra overhead and latency, however it was measured from Eric's house to be approximately 8ms with the travel to UVic and VPN added together. Eric has been unable to notice the delay when operating CW, the most reaction-intensive form of radio operation. The UDP packets of the RemoteRig or the FLEX are tunneled through the VPN to their respective devices. The figure below shows the correct settings on the VPN Server settings page of the router:

File:VPN Settings.png