VHF and UHF ICOM Radio

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This radio sits on the computer desk beside the Flex. the ICom IC-820H is designed for satellite operations. Because it is designed for satellite operations, it can transmit on FM, SSB and CW. 70cm transmission is outputted through the N connector on the back of the radio, while 2M transmission outputs from the SO-239 connector. It is critical that the antenna switch is used select the correct antenna as the transmitter will still transmit even without an antenna connected. The radios is programed for local repeaters and emergency simplex frequencies.

The following push buttons have the following features:

  • NB - For use in CW mode, not functional in other modes
  • ATT - This inserts a 20dB attenuator on the receiving end of the radio. This should be kept on (RED LED on) in order to attenuate harmonics from the CREST radio system. With the attenuator in place, CREST does not overwhelm the front end of the radio.
  • PRE AMP - This should not be used. This button puts DC on the VHF and UHF coax for use with pre-amplifiers, currently in use by the UVic EcoSat group.
  • AGC - Do not use
  • PWR/CMP - For use with SSB