UVIC Servers

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Currently only one physical server and a handful of VMs installed at UVIC.

  • ca-vic-uv-virt01
    • 4GB RAM, Intel dual core CPU
    • 2x 250GB drives in a software RAID1
    • Runs proxMox 4.2
  • ca-vic-uv-rms01
    • 1.5GB RAM allocated
    • 60GB VHD
    • Windows Server 2012R2
    • Mainly acts as an RMS Relay host (VE7RUV-5)
      • Syncs with ve7vic-10 via TCP/IP
  • ca-vic-uv-router01
    • 512MB RAM (can probably drop to 128MB)
    • Mikrotik routerOS 6.38
    • Pulles a DHCP LAN IP via interface vmbr0
    • connects to the VM network via vmbr1
    • Allows VM Netowrk to use 44 IP Space and interact with 10VPN hosts

L.marker([48.473267, -123.370849], {icon: hamRadio}).addTo(map).bindPopup("VE7ALB").bindTooltip("VE7ALB",

       permanent: true,
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