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In January 2016, the lab’s aging Linksys WRT54G was replaced with a Netgear R7000. At the time, the R7000 was one of the best performing and value for money routers according to the smallnetbuilder review website.


  • Dual Core ARM processor
  • Wireless AC, N and G
  • 5GHz with beam steering
  • 2.4GHz
  • VPN server built in


If the router is to be reset, the following configuration changes must be configured back in order for other lab equipment to continue to function.

  • Enable port forwarding for the WebSDR
    • Configure the settings as seen below.

[contact Mike for image]

  • Enable DHCP reservation as seen below

[contact Mike for image]

  • Disable UPNP
  • Enable VPN server and configure as below

**The configuration files for the VPN may have to be re-distributed to client devices in order for them to re-connect to the VPN. This is because the R7000 uses certificates as authentication for the VPN. Without the proper certificate, a client cannot connect to the VPN server.