Remotely Powering on Computers

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Remotely powering on computers follows the flow chart below.

1) Team Viewer set to run as a Windows service (aka even if the computer isn’t logged in yet, TeamViewer is still running in the background). When Team Viewer is available, the computer is ready for use.

2) We have the ability to remotely power a PC. This is accomplished using Wake On Lan packets from a computer powered on and connected to the ELW PH Lan. We need to have the computer to be remotely woken up's MAC address pre-recorded. If it is powered off, we cannot retrieve this.

3) If the computer is stuck at a blue screen or has crashed, 1 or 2 will not work, the only way around this would be to install a WeMo in series with the PC so you can remotely cut the power to the PC. When power is cut to the PC, case 4) will occur.

4) The PC is set to power on when power is first applied - aka after a power outage, it will turn itself on allowing Team Viewer in case 1) to work. In the event that case 3) occurs a second time, the only way to fix this issue would be physical access. Physical access allows booting into Windows safe mode, allowing the problem causing the crashes to be corrected.