Modifications to convert lab to an Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

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A number of modifications are needed to our lab. These were determined when Dom Kapac visited UVic.

Securing Radios

Radios in ELW PH need to be tied down to secure objects. In the event of an earthquake, the side to side movement would knock the radio equipment off of the tables and onto the floor. The books used to prop up the K3 should be removed and replaced with a secure prop made of wood. Plumbing tie straps should be used to securely fasten the radios to the desks in the lab. The desks in the lab should also be secured to the walls of the lab.

Power Supplies

The K3 station uses half ring terminals and benchtop power supplies. In the process of moving cables, these terminals have come loose, rendering the K3 inoperable. The station should transition away from these half ring terminals to Anderson Power Pole connectors, that are used across EOCs in the CRD. Anderson Power Pole connectors are genderless, friction fit, vibration proof and can handle high amperage (30A in their smallest connector). The K3 and Flex use Anderson Power Poles from the factory as a means for supplying power to them.

Power Source

In addition to the ELW generator system, investigation into using solar power should be conducted. Deep cycle lead acid batteries could provide runtime when all other sources of power have failed.

Door Entry

Transitioning away from key based entry should be considered. Saanich's EOC uses a battery powered keypad entry system. Door pin codes can be revoked or added as needed. Additionally, since access to ELW is keycard based, an exception should be made to allow entry during a power outage (have one electronic lock fail open, allowing entry via key or keypad).