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Servers that are located at the datacenter at 4220 Commerce Circle


  • Mikrotik RB2011 1U Rackmount router
  • Links to Triangle (via L2 tunnel over OOB infrastructure), General Internet (via Cube), Mesh network (rooftop radio) and BCWARN test system
  • Ports 5 through 10 are for the internal network at Cube


  • 2U whitebox server, 24GB RAM
  • OS is Proxmox 4.2
  • In case one of the proxmox nodes drops offline:
    • login to effected node via SSH
    • killall -9 corosync
    • systemctl restart pve-cluster
    • service pvestatd restart


  • VM on the ProxMox server
  • OS is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Runs Nagios ( and cacti (
    • currently Nagios monitors the following: Ping, SSH (where applicable) SSL cert expiration (where applicable), RAID status
  • Runs Bind DNS server (authoritative for, forwards to HamWAN's DNS service ( and
  • Has a cron job that backs up the configs for the Mikrotik radios and routers every 24 hours
    • Script runs from /data/scripts/
    • There is an array in the script that controls which routers to backup (by hostname NOT fqdn, domain is appended in the script)


  • VM on ProxMox
  • OS is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • currently running owncloud (
  • Services on this server are:
    1. Owncloud
    2. IRC server
      • Daemon is inspircd
      • Restart by running service inspircd restart
      • config file is at: /etc/inspircd/inspircd.conf
      • Also an interface to Slcak via `slack-irc`
      • Daemon is: /usr/local/bin/slack-irc --config /common/slack-irc.json
      • Can be restarted via a service: service slack-irc restart
    3. web chat server (kiwiirc, if it's not running run `service kiwiirc start` to start it)
    4. authentication system (
    5. Video Chat system (
      • Daemon is./bin/spreed-webrtc-server
      • Restart the server service spreed-webrtc restart

[ // Bot 1 (minimal configuration): { "nickname": "slack-bot", "server": "", "token": "xoxp-54224050306-54202882388-108904288066-fc465e86be5bbefcc2e954eb16a5bb75", "channelMapping": { "#crd": "#crd" } } ]

    1. nano /lib/systemd/system/slack-irc.service

[Unit] Description=Slack to IRC bridge

[Service] ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/slack-irc --config /common/slack-irc.json

    1. systemctl daemon-reload
  • Steps to install Kiwi IRC Interface
    1. git clone && cd KiwiIRC
    2. npm install
    3. cp config.js.example config.js
    4. nano config.js
      • if desitred modify the ./client/src/index.html.tmpl file
    5. ./kiwi build


  • OS is Turnkey Linux
  • Runs this wiki server


  • Runs from Chris' 44 subnet
  • currently runs the dev dispatch program for marathon/10k
  • also an SMTP email gateway (based on postfix) (

Certificates Installed

  • (resolves to
  • (resolves to
  • (resolves to


  • Backups are run from virt01 and while initially setup from the GUI have some customization
    • edit /etc/pve/vzdump.cron
    • add --script /mnt/pve/backups/scripts/ to end of command
  • /mnt/pve/backups/scripts/ contains:
       if [ "$1" == "job-end" ]; then
       touch /mnt/pve/backups/sucessful
       exit 1
    • This script creates the file /mnt/pve/backups/sucessful if the backup completes
  • nas01 has a script located at /scripts/
    • script looks for /data/backup/sucessful, if the file exists the backups are archived to the USB drive
    • crontab looks like: 0 2,4,6 * * * /scripts/


  • Notifications are sent to
  • From: address is set to so the resultant email is parsed by the 10vpn scripts and sent to Slack
  • The archive job sends emails using the shell to, there is a script which sends all messages from ca-vic-cu-nas01 to Slack