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Current Progress

From February-March 2016, an interface was created to interface N1MM to Python. With this interface, Python code can extract decode RTTY and frequency data from N1MM. The interface is created via AutoHotKey library files. AutoHotKey enables the Python program to extract text from Windows applications, and control sending responses via N1MM using.

Interfacing to N1MM alleviates re-creating from scratch a contesting platform (what the appropriate QSO exchange procedure is), radio interface (the CAT interface from N1MM to the radio) and RTTY decoder (built into N1MM).

Additionally, using the N1MM and AutoHotKey platform allows this software to be ported to any radio that supports N1MM, for example the K3 in the lab enabling 500W operation.

Future Work

A future student should program in python an AI that interprets a RTTY contest QSO and makes the appropriate F key responses in N1MM.