Baofeng UV-5R

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UV-5R radios are programmable using CHIRP software: [1]. Chirp is available for Windows, OSX, Linux and is available on a Live CD. This YouTube for tutorial is the optimum way to understand how CHIRP operates. [2]

Following the above tutorial will allow one to program a UV-5R using CHIRP.

The advantage to using CHIRP is its ability to work across different radios. Frequencies programmed for a Yeasu radio can be ported over to a Baofeng radio. This solves an issue with Baofeng memory maps being specific to each radio. One can download programming from one Baofeng, copy the memories to another Baofeng, without the potential to brick the radio.

The stock antenna which comes with the UV-5R is considered subpar. Consider using an aftermarket antenna for UV-5R for better reception.