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BCWARN (British Columbia Wireless Amateur Radio Network) is a network of EOCs, Club stations and repeater sites interconnected using 2.4 and 5GHz Part15 wireless links. The BCWARN system is primarily based out of the lower mainland but does have a presence in Nanaimo (Nanaimo Hospital), Saltspring Island (Bruce Peak) and Victoria (Smith Hill). BCWARN primarily uses point-point links to interconnect their sites.

BCWARN has a direct connection to the BCNET via UBC

Connecting to the System

While BCWARN has given us permission to link into the system, connecting will be difficult:

  • Adding new hardware to Smith Hill is not possible (site is already overloaded with gear)
  • Adding new gear to BCWARN on Saltspring Island would be difficult
  • May be possible to 'piggyback' off the existing link from Saltspring to Smith Hill
  • Need to find a site within a couple of degrees of the existing path from Bruce Peak-Smith Hill (as the antennas on either end are highly directional) which can relay the signal back to the rest of the network
  • Potential sites if Saltspring is an access point:
    • Saanich EOC (predicted Signal of -80 to -85dBm)
    • UVIC (predicted signal of -85dBm, Line of Sight issues... needs to be high on the tower)
  • Potential sites if SMith Hill is an Access point:
    • VE7SLC Repeater site (predicted signal of -70dBm)
    • VE7TK's house (predicted signal of -57dBm)
    • VE7ALB's house (predicted signal of -75dBm.... has LOS issues)