Antenna Switching

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A report detailing ELW PH's antenna switching will be uploaded upon completion.

Summary of Antenna Switching Setup as of September 2016

  • Elecraft K3
    • Sends selected transmit band over ACC port protocol
    • ACC port connected to Bandmaster
    • Bandmaster converts ACC band data to ShackLan RS-485
    • When manual antenna selection switch is set to remote, antenna is automatically selected based off of the band K3 is on

  • RS-485
    • Uses multi-drop topology
    • Bus connects rotary manual antenna switch, 8 pak antenna switch, bandmaster together

  • Control software
    • This article details the details on how to control antennas remotely: FLEX-6700_-_How_To
    • Can de-select K3's antenna selection
    • Manual antenna switch must be on remote
    • Can edit band to antenna port selection
    • Communicates over serial to bandmaster via USB to serial converter built into Bandmaster
      • Drivers must be found using Device Manager in Windows