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APRS is an amaterur raido digital mode that primarily operates on 2m. APRS uses AX.25 networking. APRS has a large community presence, with a large club ([1]). APRS also is part of the CRD emergency communications standards. APRS is used in emergency programs to transmit asset locations during search and rescue operations, send text messages and small files. APRS can transmit at 1200 baud.


[2] The CRD recommends standard equipment list recommends a Kantronics KPC 3 series of TNC. Mike picked two up from a past co-worker with the recommended 9.1 firmware.


To send messages, Winlink Express software is the accepted software by emergency programs. [3]

IGate / Digipeater

[4] UVic is a good candidate for receiving packets, posting them to the internet (I Gate) and rebroadcasting (digipeating). This would enable low power transmitters (499 projects) to have city wide coverage. In addition, emergency crews on site at UVic would be digipeated across the CRD for other emergency crews to see their location.

Future Steps

In the future, someone needs to build an interface cable to connect the TNC to the ICOM 2m 70cm radio. Schematics exist in the KPC 3+ owners manual available here: http://www.kantronics.com/products/kpc3.html

The TNC is then configured via serial commands, many tutorials exist via googling. The “CommsPrepper” YouTube channel has a series on how to configure the KPC series of TNCs: https://www.youtube.com/user/Commsprepper

Student clubs (UVic Rocketry) are engaging in building APRS devices for tracking rocketry devices downrange (ex: finding landed rocket after launch)