3D Microscope

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The Vision Engineering 3D microscope features select-able zoom ranging from 4x to 50+x magnification. It maintains the eye’s 3D vision capability without the need for the operator to peer through eyepieces. The large viewing portal allows for a considerably more ergonomic work environment. Additionally, a servo controlled mirror assembly can be swung into place, allowing the operator to look underneath IC’s. The microscope has a supply of spare halogen bulbs in the storage room off of the main lab. The microscope has been invaluable when soldering, for example assembling in-ear microphones for an experiment. One would not be able to solder the contact points without the use of this microscope. Additionally, when inspecting damaged ICs, the microscope is able to confirm if smoke has been released, as you are able to look at the IC at an angle vs vertically.

Startup Instructions

To use the microscope:

  • Turn the mirror rotation motor on, located on the right side of the head of the microscope (adjacent to the viewing portal)
  • Turn on the lamp, adjust lamp intensity

Shutdown Instructions

  • Power off lamp
    • lamp fans should remain on for a minimum of 5 minutes after bulb has been switched off
  • Power off 3d rotation motor on the right side of the head of the microscope