2m 70cm Antenna

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Due to the fact that the Discone is used in the fall semesters for ELEC 350 lab work, a second 2m 70cm antenna was needed for emergency / repeater use. Additionally, this antenna will be used for APRS when the repeater is not in use. This antenna is capable of 2m and 70cm operation and is of a stacked dipole design. The gain is estimated to be 7dBi for both bands according to the antennas paper datasheet.


Careful attention was paid to ensure the antenna remained corrosion-free and waterproof. All metal to metal surfaces were coated in zinc based anti-seize and wrapped in electrical tape. External connections for the ground plane radials were also coated in liquid electrical tape in addition to anti-sieze. This is because the jam nut did not appear to be made of stainless, and would likely rust on the rooftop being exposed to the elements and the proximity to the ocean. The antenna utilized an SO-239 connection and suitable coax is in the process of being run to the ICOM 2m 70cm radio inside the lab.