120V Power Configuration

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120V Power Configuration

The power distribution to the lab’s router, switches, radios and radio-controlling computers was reconfigured February 2016.

Generator Power

The lab now primarily runs off of generator power. This includes:

  • Flex
  • K3
  • Router
  • Switch
  • Eric’s Computer
  • Flex Computers
  • WeMo
  • Mesh Node

UPS Power

In addition to the generator power, the following devices have a UPS inserted inline with the generator power outlet:

  • Eric’s computer
  • Router
  • Flex computer

The UPS provides 5-10 minutes of power, allowing the generator to spool up and come online.

Remote Power Control

3 WiFi power control devices exist in the lab. These control:

  • Eric's K3, antenna switching, rotator controllers (enables the transmitter to be disabled in the event it malfunctions)
  • Eric's ICOM 500W amplifier (enables the amp to be enabled remotely)
  • Eric's computer (enables a hard power reset in the event the computer crashes)